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NanoTrader Feature List

The Charting & Trading functionalities as described here comprise the NanoTrader-Standard edtion.
The NanoTrader-Premium edition additionaly contains the modules "TradingSystem" and "Express".


  • intuitive user interface; available in English, German, French, Dutch. Italian and Hungarian will be added soon
  • built-in indicators implemented in C++: ADX, Aroon, ATR, Bollinger Bands, Candle Stick Patterns, CCI, Channel Breakout, Crossing Moving Averages, Directional Index, Double Smoothed Stochastic, Exponential MA, Dynamic Momentum Index, Kaufmann's Adaptive Moving Average, High-Low Channel, Heikin Ashi, Local Highs & Lows, Linear Regression, MACD, MACD-Histogram, Momentum, Moving Average, On-Balance Volume, Parabolic SAR Pivot Point, Pivot Points, Point & Figure, Polarized Fractal Efficiency, Renko, RSI, RSI-Smoothed, Stochastic, Supertrend, Cascading Study, Slow Stochasitc, Support/Resistance, Volume, Williams VAD, Williams %R
    Additional 50+ indicators are available as Express source codes.
  • price based stops: Break-Even Stop, Trailing stop, Parabolic stop, Linear stop, KaseDev stop, n-Periods High/Low stop, Profit Target, Time Stop, ClickStop, ClickTarget
  • time base stops: stop / flat during specified time intervals
  • optional visualization of price based stops and filters
  • optional visualization of filters (NanoTrader-Premium version)
  • OneClick Recording and PlayBack - convert a zoom or a trading day into a recording and use it for intense training
  • Cascading Studies: Embed studies into studies for true inter market/multiple-time-frame analysis
  • embed price charts of other symbols into studies
  • Compound Symbols allow to create new symbols by combining existing symbols, e.g., "BUND - BOBL" and even complete indices
  • manually drawn trendlines that work as a stops
  • manually drawn Fibonacci levels that work as stops
  • arbitrary aggregation of price data to periods (ticks, minutes, days, weeks, months, volume, trading range, Renko)
  • LiveTable to display and autosort securities and associated studies in realtime
  • TwinCharts display the symbol of the MasterChart in a completely independent aggregation. Most important usage is to add TwinCharts in larger aggregations than the MasterChart, e.g., have the MasterChart in 1 Minute and two TwinCharts showing 60 Minutes and Daily aggregations.
  • a pie chart on the price axis shows the completion level of the final period of the MasterChart
  • automatic email notification for order executions, trendline breaks and connection losses
  • "Send a Friend" functionality for emailing studies, Manual Sentimentors, and scripts to other users
  • direct access to the price data of MetaStock, Market Maker, Tai Pan and structured text files
  • supports intraday data in MetaStock and ASCII format



  • order entry through classical dialogs
  • trade and amend directly in the chart with the ChartTrader
  • trade and amend from the orderbook with the SpeedTrader
  • autoprocet positions with TradeGuards - automated handling of partial fills, manual position adjustments, etc.
  • use multiple stops and targets for a position to gradually fade out of a position
  • manipulate orders directly in the chart
  • OCO entries
  • Tactics - most flexible order management available on the market. Instantly assign a Tactic, like "Trailing" or "Break Even", to an order
  • the Daytrade-Statistics gives an overview of the trading activities of the day complemented by statistics
  • Connects to Patsystems and Interactive Brokers


  • indicators create sentiments that are assembled to trading systems
  • sentimentors can also be used as stops and filters
  • generation of sentiments are fully configurable for most of the sentimentors
  • no programming required - sentimentors are configured with dialogs
  • definition of "Manual Sentimentors" for usage in studies
  • Instant backtesting - all signals, visualizations and statistics are constantly displayed
  • unparalleled optimization technology allowing to optimize any number of parameters
  • choice between several optimization goals (Performance, Profit Factor, Expectancy Score, ...)
  • MoneyManagement
  • Sensitivity analysis with 2D and 3D visualization
  • Sensitivity analysis can be embedded in the optimization
  • one-click data partitioning into optimization/control/out of sample ranges
  • trading systems can be encrypted and licensed to individuals
  • Walk-Forward simulation for stress testing a system ("Adaptive Tradingsystems")
  • scripts for periodically optimizing watchlists and for screening large amounts of data
  • One-Click activation for live ordering
  • "Safety Net" feature that deactivates an automatically ordering study once a predefined criteriion is met
  • NanoTrader ships with dozens of professional trading systems implemented by WH Selfinvest.


  • program additional sentimentors, stops, and blockers
  • Express building block behave exactly as built-in sentimentors, e.g., in the optimization
  • Express sentimentors can be executed by everyone
  • 3rd party providers can encrypt and individually licence Express sentimentors and complete trading systems

System Requirements

  • Operating system:  Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Processor speed:   equivalent to Intel Core 2 Quad 2.13 Ghz
  • RAM:                         4 Gb
  • Free disk space:     30 Mb