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NanoTrader is Fipertec’s most advanced product that aims to bring automated trading combined with charting to a whole new level. A decade of experiences and the feedback of thousands of users led to the updated design and functionalities presented in NanoTrader.

The main focus of NanoTrader is ease of use paired with unparalleled automated trading capabilities.

NanoTrader consists of a selection of individual modules including charting, manual ordering, trading from the charts, advanced position closing management, and fully automated trading with trading systems. All this functionality is provided in a way that does not require any programming knowledge by the user. However, the Express programming module is optionally available for programmers to enrich the building blocks available in NanoTrader.

Fipertec is constantly striving to improve the user experience by improving existing tools and adding innovative functionalities to its offer. The Tactics were added to complement the highly popular TradeGuard function. Tactics is an intuitive powerful technology allowing traders to instantly modify orders and to assign a certain predefined Tactic with a single click of the mouse to a given working order.

NanoTrader ist fast. The implementation was optimized for maximal execution speed. Therefore NanoTrader was not implemented in Java or .NET, but in C++, i.e., the code is fully optimized for your PC. Moreover, it supports any number of processor cores.

Learn more about NanoTrader and test the 14-day free trial version.

"At WH SelfInvest we constantly strive to provide an edge for our customers. NanoTrader from Fipertec is a trading platform that is unique in its ease of use and flexibility. With its integrated charting and features such as Tactics and TradeGuards, NanoTrader serves perfectly the needs of modern traders."

Pascal Hirtz
Director, WH SelfInvest