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NanoTrader TradingSystems - An Overview


NanoTrader is unique in providing an open framework allowing to combine the multitude of different approaches to technical analysis in an intuitive and straightforward way. Thus, NanoTrader enables the usage of indicators, candlestick patterns, rated business news, manually drawn trendlines, voting results, intermarket studies, etc. in a standardized and objective way.

Sentimentors - Indicators made alive

The basis for trading systems created with NanoTrader are so-called Sentimentors. A sentimentor is a building block that assigns a sentiment to each period of the chart. A sentiment is a value on a scale of 0 to 100. On this scale 0 represents the worst sentiment and 100 the best. For example, the “Crossing Moving Average” sentimentor would assign a 100 on upward crossings and a 0 on downward crossings.
By this simple and intuitive approach each indicator becomes “alive”. It is not just a drawing on the screen that the trader has to interpret over and over again. Instead, it emits a sentiment at each period thus giving an evaluation of the market from the indicator’s perspective. If a sentiment for a given  period rises above or falls below a threshold that sentiment is converted into a signal. Signals of a sentimentor will be visualized in their charting window and optionally in the main chart as well:



The sentiments being emitted are easily defined through dialogs – there is no programming required!

Sentiment configuration

The following graphic shows the principle of how a sentimentor creates a sentiment series:

Sentiment Series


Combining Sentimentors to a Study

NanoTrader allows you to combine any indicators of your choice in a study. Naturally different indicators will have different indications at certain points in time, some may tell you “go long”, some will say “don’t know”, others will say “go short” – we call this “the technical trader’s dilemma”. As an example consider a typical setup of study consisting of Pivot Lines, a Moving Average, a MACD and a RSI:


A standard charting application would let the trader alone with converting the drawings into some meaningful interpretation. Obviously this consumes an enormous amount of energy by the trader and the outcome of the ad-hoc analysis will surely vary with the trader’s current mental and monetary condition.
NanoTrader allows to standardize and automate the evaluation by condensing the individual sentiments emitted by each indicator to an overall sentiment. This is achieved by the so-called MetaSentimentor.

Clear Signal


This elegant usage of sentiments allows you to include anything into a trading system: indicators, formation analysis, fundamental analysis, Fibonacci retracements, candlestick formations, etc. In addition, fuzzy information and intuitions can also be combined and analyzed in a standardized form.
The following graphic shows how the sentiment series of different sentimentors are combined by the MetaSentimentor:

Computation of the MetaSentimentor

White Box Systems – Total Clarity

As opposed to “black box” systems like, say,  neural networks, NanoTrader is a 100% white box system – you always know why a signal is there. The trader defines the rules, not some built-in magic.

Instant Backtesting

NanoTrader’s Instant Backtesting will display all trading signals and statistics continuously as you change your trading system parameters and as live data arrives at your system – there is no need for specific procedures to evaluate the system.

Tradingsystems for Discretionary Trading – Decision Support

A trading system in NanoTrader could be designed for supporting your discretionary activities in various ways. For example sentimentors might be used as filters coloring the chart in green or red whenever they find an upward or downward trend. You as a trader then wait for the best moment according to your personal style for actually entering a position.

Visual decision support for discretionary traders

Using Stops

The MetaSentimentor gives an evaluation for each period according to the sentimentors that were added to the study. Depending on the thresholds defined in the study the MetaSentimentor can open, close, keep, or reverse a position.
Besides the MetaSentimentor which is continually reflecting the overall market, you might want to have additional components for closing a position, e.g.:

  • secure a profit by usage one or multiple trailing stops or a profit targets
  • close the position at certain time before the end of the trading session
  • close the position as soon as a trendline is crossed, etc.

Optimization and Robustness

Once you combined the components of a study you surely want to optimize it – just to make sure you get the best out of your trading idea. Don’t even think you could do it manually – even the simplest trading idea requires a couple of parameters: Assume a system consisting of a Moving Average (one parameter), an MACD (three parameters), and a trailing stop (one parameter). Let each parameter have just 50 feasible settings and you will end up with 312.500.000 possible combinations.

NanoTrader is equipped with the fastest  and most flexible optimization engine currently available on the market. This will give you the power to test and polish your trading ideas in-depth.

Because of its speed NanoTrader not only allows for an unlimited number of parameters to be optimized, but also includes built-in functionality for verifying the robustness of your system.

Senstivity Analysis

Cascading Studies – Intermarket Analysis and Multiple Time Frames

NanoTrader is unique in its capability in including the result of one study as the input for another, e.g., use a study on the Dow as a filter for trading the S&P, or use an analysis of the Gold future as an input for a study of a mining company.
You might as well include a study based on daily data into a 10-minute chart so you will always trade in sync with the broader time range.

No Programming Required

Trading systems in NanoTrader can be created without any programming. You just specify the sentiments of the sentimentors you apply in your study through straightforward dialogs, and that’s all it takes.
Additional building blocks could be programmed with NanoTrader-Express or they could be retrieved from NanoTrader’s community to enrich the environment. Each Express sentimentor acts exactly as an built-in sentimentor, i.e., it can be combined with other sentimentors, configured, and optimized.

Going Live – Let NanoTrader Trade for You

Once you have tested and fine tuned your study you could let it trade for you. It requires just a click:

Go Live with one Click


"At WH Selfinvest we constantly strive to provide an edge for our customers. NanoTrader from Fipertec is a trading platform that is unique in its ease of use and flexibility. With its integrated charting and features such as Tactics and TradeGuards, NanoTrader serves perfectly the needs of modern traders."

Pascal Hirtz
Director, WH SelfInvest